Bitcoin ever closer to $30,000: reached a new all-time high

In recent hours, Bitcoin has reached a peak of $ 28,533; excellent performance also of Ether and Polkadot

Bitcoin (BTC) reached a new all-time high today, after a recovery that pushed the price above $28,400.
Bitcoin reaches a new all-time high

Data from Cointelegraph Markets and TradingView show that in the past few hours the BTC/USD pair managed to break through the previous all-time high, reaching a peak of $28,533. The price has then reduced slightly, and currently hovers around $27,950: still up by an excellent 7.5% compared to yesterday.

This movement brings Bitcoin Revolution ever closer to $30,000, considered by many an important psychological level: only a week ago, such a development would have seemed impossible.

Nevertheless, some analysts believe that the possibility of a contraction down to $19,500 should not be excluded. However, Michaël van de Poppe, collaborator at Cointelegraph Markets, underlined that 27,500$ represents a critical area: its overcoming could pave the way to even higher prices.
Good news for ETH and DOT traders

As is often the case, the rest of the market followed Bitcoin’s movements: Ether (ETH) touched $740 thanks to a daily increase of 5.5%. To say the least, the performance of Polkadot (DOT) was incredible, whose price increased by almost 50% in a single week.

An exception is XRP, in the red by 10% compared to yesterday: the removal of the cryptocurrency from many large exchanges has significantly damaged the price, which has fallen by 44% in a single week.

Whales have been aggressively buying Bitcoin since Christmas

On-chain data shows that large wallets are buying more and more Bitcoin, despite the seemingly overextended price

According to on-chain data, Bitcoin whales (BTC) have been buying more and more assets since Christmas, indicating that wealthier investors are continuing to fight to grab BTC.

It is nearly impossible to separate institutional investors from individual speculators simply through on-chain data; however, the trend shows that big money is increasingly entering the Bitcoin market.

Holders of large amounts of Bitcoin.

Why do whales continue to buy more and more Bitcoin?

According to Santiment analysts, about $647 million in Bitcoin would be transferred from small to large addresses.

Accounts with 1,000 BTC or more are considered “whale” by many analysts, as 1,000 BTC is equivalent to nearly $27 million at the current price of $26,900. Analysts wrote:

“In the 48 hours since Christmas, #Bitcoin addresses with $1,000 or more BTC now own 0.13% more total supply than smaller addresses. That’s about 24,158 tokens, which equates to $647.7 million right now.”

Bitcoin’s value nearly tripled in the second half of the 2020s, so for the foreseeable future, growth potential appears limited. Nonetheless, on-chain data shows that a shrinking number of whales are selling on major exchanges. Ki Young Ju, CEO of CryptoQuant, said:

“BTC whales seem to be tired of selling. Fewer and fewer large holders are making deposits on exchanges. I think this bull run will continue as institutional investors continue to buy and the Exchange Whale Ratio stays below 85%.”

IRS har officielt flyttet sit kryptoskattespørgsmål til toppen af ​​Form

IRS har officielt flyttet sit kryptoskattespørgsmål til toppen af ​​Form 1040, hvilket gør det meget mere fremtrædende

Sidste år oplyste Internal Revenue Service (IRS), at de ville vide, hvem der havde kryptovaluta, ved at spørge skatteyderne direkte på deres 1040A-formularer.

Nu er det gjort det formbaserede spørgsmål meget mere fremtrædende for at sikre, at alle svarer.

IRS annoncerede i dag, at de formelt har flyttet et spørgsmål – “Modtog, solgte eller på anden måde erhvervet nogen Bitcoin Code økonomisk interesse i nogen virtuel valuta i 2020?” – til 1040-formularen. Spørgsmålet sidder øverst på formularen lige under de felter, der beder om identifikation.

Krypto-skattefagfolk siger, at hvis det ikke var klart, at IRS betød forretning før, er det krystal nu

1040A, hvor spørgsmålet oprindeligt var placeret, falder ikke i alles hænder. Det tegner sig for årlige selvangivelser. For 2018 og derefter skal skatteydere udfylde formular 1040. IRS har effektivt flyttet spørgsmålet, så det kræves rapportering for alle skatteydere, der bevæger sig fremad, da de fleste udfylder formular 1040.

Joey Ryan, CFO hos krypto-regnskabsfirmaet Gilded, sagde, at det viser, at IRS er oven på krypto, måske endnu mere end nogle ville forvente.

“Hvis nogle mennesker ikke var opmærksomme eller ikke så fuldt ud involveret i hvad IRS har gjort, vidste de måske ikke at se på skema 1, som er din ekstra indkomstplan, men nu sidder det bare lige på forsiden af ​​1040, så ingen slags har en chance for at gå glip af det spørgsmål eller ikke forstå, hvad der sker, ”sagde han.

Flytningen til formular 1040 vil sandsynligvis øge overholdelsesgraden og fange enhver krigsfanger, der ikke var så opmærksom på krypto-skattebyrder. Det betyder en stor indvirkning for denne skattesæson, ifølge Zenledger COO Daniel Hannum.

“For 2019 var der virkelig ikke så mange mennesker, der havde en tidsplan 1, især inden for krypto, og for dette år er det kæmpe, at det er det første spørgsmål på formularen,” sagde han.

Selvom det fungerer som yderligere afklaring fra IRS, er der stadig nogle spørgsmål, der skal besvares, ifølge Hannum.

Nogle skatteeksperter har rejst bekymring over for skattemyndighederne over ordets formulering, da de siger, at det er uklart, om køb eller beholdning kvalificerer sig som handel i krypto. Imidlertid sagde både Hannum og Ryan, at IRS ser ud til at være forpligtet til konstant at give mere klarhed over tid.

Old season and $ 30,000 possible by the end of the year: 5 important things about Bitcoin

Hodler got a nice present for Christmas with the new all-time highs of Bitcoin. But it is now also in the crosshairs of the regulatory authorities.

Bitcoin Future review has had a week like no other. It hit new all-time highs of $ 28,400 and holds up very high. What’s next?

Cointelegraph presents five factors that will influence the direction of the Bitcoin price this week.

Gold rises on Trump’s signing of stimulus package

Markets were spared a nightmare this week after US President Donald Trump agreed to approve the $ 900 billion congressional stimulus package .

The package makes the US Federal Reserve’s mountain of debt even bigger and includes various perks for companies. For American citizens, however, the direct financial aid is less than in March.

Trump said he could not agree to the second package due to the low level of direct payments ($ 600 instead of $ 1,200), but later changed his mind.

The markets started the new week on a positive note. The S&P 500 futures saw slight gains prior to opening on Wall Street.

At the same time, the price of gold has also increased. Data shows that the precious metal could now make its biggest annual gain in a decade.

Compared to the end of November, XAU / USD is up $ 111, or 6.25 percent.

“President @realDonaldTrump vetoed just nine bills. This is the lowest number since Warren Harding, who was in office for just two years, from 1921 to 1923,” the gold follower and notorious Bitcoin critic Peter Schiff tweeted when the law was signed.

“Since Chester Arthur (1881 to 1885), no full term president has vetoed fewer bills. You can’t drain the swamp by making it deeper.”

Regulations for Bitcoin to be expected

After becoming popular with a wider audience over Christmas and making new highs, Bitcoin could soon come into conflict with governments, sources warn.

With a new all-time high of $ 28,400 and a monthly gain of 55 percent, Bitcoin is now on regulators’ radar as its appeal to the masses increases. The next year could be a challenging time even for its proponents.

After the still-Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin tried to enforce new laws for non-custodial wallets , his successor Janet Yellen is unlikely to get any better, they say.

“In general, I think we had challenges with the Democrats. They prefer more regulation, more supervision”, so the Chefstrategin the digital asset manager CoinShares Meltem Demirors told Bloomberg on Sunday.

“I’m a little concerned about which way things are going.”

As usual in the US, the different political loyalties mean that attacks by crypto-friendly people can be softened elsewhere. The new chairman of the US securities regulator, Elad Roisman, is considered a fan.

Analyst: Bitcoin decline at $ 28,400 “very healthy”

Focusing on the recent Bitcoin spot market development, Monday can become an important test for the bulls given the weekend momentum.

After Bitcoin hit an all-time high of $ 28,400 on Sunday, it saw a decline that many had already expected.

“#Bitcoin makes a very healthy correction, he went quite vertical. Could a preliminary peak be” summarized Cointelegraph Markets analyst Michaël van de Poppe together .

“What’s next? Consolidation, sideways movement, less volatility. That gives the rest of the markets room to keep up. $ BTC pairs are doing fine.”

OTC platform B2C2 halts XRP trading for US residents

Over-the-counter (OTC) platform B2C2 has joined the list of organisations that have stopped XRP token trading for US customers. It was announced by The Block.

Focused on institutional traders, the UK-based platform is one of the largest market makers in the cryptocurrency Bitcoin Investor industry. The company operates in the US through its B2C2 USA division, which launched in 2019.

The platform stopped XRP trading for US residents last Thursday, shortly before requiring voice confirmation when closing positions.

Customers from other countries are still able to trade the token, but need to secure short positions in advance.

Earlier this week, cryptocurrency bank Galaxy Digital and Chicago-based Jump Trading stopped supporting XRP. Also the Bitstamp exchange decided to close the possibility of trading the token for U.S. users.

Recall that on 23 December the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed a lawsuit against Ripple, CEO Brad Garlinghouse and its co-founder Chris Larsen. According to the agency, the company sold unregistered securities in the form of tokens for seven years and raised $1.3bn during that period.

Commenting on the proceedings, Garlinghouse said the SEC’s lawsuit could get other cryptocurrency companies and digital assets in trouble.

At the time of publication, the XRP token is trading around $0.294, having lost 5.4% in the last 24 hours. The weekly decline was almost 50%.

Crypto Twitter firar jul med en ny Bitcoin-milstolpe

Bitcoin-priset toppar 24 600 dollar vid jul när krypto Twitter exploderar av eufori.

Crypto Twitter ringde i jubel med en ny rekordhög nivå för Bitcoin (BTC), som kulminerade ett enormt år för den digitala tillgången.

Bitcoin-priset nådde en topp på $ 24,661,76 på Bitstamp, vilket överträffade den tidigare rekorduppsättningen förra veckan. Altcoin-marknaden återhämtade sig också, med Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) och XRP som publicerade imponerande möten.

Bitcoins största förespråkare tog till Twitter för att fira den nya milstolpen – och för att påminna sina anhängare att hålla kvar när det nya året närmar sig. Gemini-grundarna Cameron och Tyler Winklevoss har uttryckt viss spänning:

God Jul! Santa lämnade $ 24,5 000 # Bitcoin under trädet

– Cameron Winklevoss (@cameron) 25 december 2020
God Jul! Inget kol i år, #Bitcoin 24,5k istället ☺️ Ho ho ho!

– Tyler Winklevoss (@tyler) 25 december 2020
Bitcoins historia ger Anthony Pompliano från Morgan Creek Asset Management ytterligare juldagsenergi:

Bitcoin som slår en ny heltid på juldagen är den energi jag är här för.

– Pomp (@APompliano) 25 december 2020
Bitcoin och Black America twittrade om den digitala tillgångens nya höjdpunkt genom att säga “God jul ni smutsiga djur.”

God jul dina smutsiga djur

– Bitcoin och Black America (@bitcoinzay) 25 december 2020
Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz firade också jul genom att packa upp en glöd-i-mörkret-månen, vilket är en direkt hänvisning till Bitcoins meteoriska uppgång.

Favoritgåva. Månen.

– Mike Novogratz (@novogratz) 25 december 2020
Crypto-dataanalysföretaget Bloqport ringde i jul med en GIF av Michael Saylor som lyfte ett glas till Bitcoin:

– Bloqport (@Bloqport) 25 december 2020
Robert Breedlove, författare till Thank God for Bitcoin, hade ett allvarligare budskap att leverera till samhället på jul:

#Bitcoin stimulerar tålamod och reflektion.

Fiat-valutan inducerar skyndade och vilseledda investeringar för att överträffa inflationen.

Vilken värld vill du leva i: en där kapital tilldelas tålmodigt och eftertänksamt eller en där det fördelas feberiskt och maniskt?

– Robert Breedlove (@ Breedlove22) 25 december 2020
Su Zhu från Three Arrows Capital påminde också hodlers att fortsätta hodling:

Hodl Ho Ho

God helg alla!

– Su Zhu (@zhusu) 25 december 2020
YouTuber Crypto Daily kommenterade Bitcoin “samlas under en illikvid allmän helgdag”, vilket är ett bevis på den digitala valutans hausse potential. “$ 100 000 är FUD nu”, sa han.

#Bitcoin rally under en illikvid helgdag. $ 100 000 är FUD nu.

– Crypto Daily (@Crypto_Daily) 25 december 2020
2020 kommer att gå ner som ett landmärkeår för Bitcoin. Medan många institutioner har klagat i flera år på att ”institutionerna kommer” levererade detta år äntligen dessa uppenbarelser.

Massachusetts Mutual invierte 100 millones de dólares en Bitcoin a través del NYDIG

Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co. se ha convertido en la última institución en invertir en Bitcoin. La compañía de servicios financieros de casi 170 años de antigüedad acaba de tomar una posición de 100 millones de dólares en el activo digital.

Este año se perfila como el comienzo de un gran interés institucional en Bitcoin Champion. La última compañía que ha buscado refugio de la macro incertidumbre global es Massachusetts Mutual.

MassMutual ‘Exposición significativa’ a Bitcoin

La empresa, con sede en Springfield, Massachusetts, acaba de anunciar una inversión de 100 millones de dólares en Bitcoin. Según un informe del Wall Street Journal, MassMutual hizo sus compras a través del NYDIG (antes conocido como New York Digital Investment Group).

El fundador y presidente ejecutivo del NYDIG, Ross Stevens, dijo que MassMutual no fue la primera compañía de seguros en comprar BTC a través de su empresa. Stevens citó la depreciación del dólar y los tipos de interés casi nulos como razones que impulsan a las empresas hacia Bitcoin.

MassMutual también compró una participación de 5 millones de dólares en NYDIG. La compañía de seguros de vida declaró que había tomado una ‘exposición medida pero significativa’ a Bitcoin mientras permanecía diversificada.

La inversión masiva de Bitcoin es una gota en el océano

Otra importante institución financiera que se está exponiendo a Bitcoin es seguramente una buena noticia para muchos inversores de BTC. Ya en 2020, varias compañías, bancos y fondos de inversión han empezado a tomarse en serio el activo digital dominante y han decidido asignarle capital.

A pesar de llamar a su propia inversión ‘significativa’, el tamaño de la posición de MassMutual comparada con su cuenta de inversión general total sugiere que la compañía está muy lejos de ser vendida completamente en BTC como una tienda de valor.

En septiembre, la cuenta de inversión de la compañía de seguros valía casi 235.000 millones de dólares. En términos porcentuales, su asignación a BTC es inferior al 0,5%.

Crece el interés general

Aún así, el hecho de que las grandes compañías de servicios financieros como MassMutual empiecen a asignar capital a Bitcoin es una gran noticia. Los observadores de la criptodivisa que han afirmado durante años que el dinero institucional encontraría eventualmente su camino en el mercado parecen tener razón.

Este año se ha visto una ola de interés en Bitcoin como un activo de almacenamiento de valor. Inversores legendarios como Stan Druckenmiller y Paul Tudor Jones, tesorerías corporativas, e incluso bancos han empezado a tomar posiciones o a aconsejar a los clientes que lo hagan en los últimos meses.

La creciente aceptación de Bitcoin ha llevado al retorno de algunas llamadas de precios BTC aparentemente imposibles, tanto de dentro como de fuera de la industria. Entre ellas se encuentran la predicción de Citibank de 318.000 dólares, la llamada de los gemelos Winklevoss de 500.000 dólares, y el analista de Bloomberg Mike McGlone que pronostica un precio de 100.000 dólares.